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Don’t know if you have heard of CrossFit or not, but it’s sweeping the country.  Some say it’s a fad, some say they would rather take a spinning class and those that try it can’t live without it.  Bottom line is it works and and it’s scalable for everyone, young, old, male or female.  On top of it all, the workouts are typically 20 minutes, that’s it, HIT IT AND QUIT IT!

We know everyone talks about the prefect “fitness” model . CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program. The CrossFit program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. We specialize in NOT specializing. It involves being “fit” in a way that means much more than being able to run a mile, or bench press an impressive number. It’s more than doing endless minutes on the elliptical or going through a machine-base service on standard “gym equipment.” It incorporates a broader view of being “fit” that includes metabolic conditioning, strength training, functional exercise, interval training, and even some gymnastics skills, in an environment that is purposefully simple, with YOU being the most important piece of equipment in the place.

CrossFit has changed our life and we’re so sure it will change yours, that your first week is free. No strings, period, try it out and you’ll have a sense of accomplishment you never felt before in your life. But it’s not just the workouts, we’ll guide you through the nutritional aspect of the program that’s just plain simple and sound eating principles, no crazy diet.

What is functional exercise?  Well, think of it this way… We drop in a jungle for 6 months and there are hidden cameras everywhere to document your every move. We would witness you preforming the following movements in order to survive: crawling, walking, running, jumping, climbing, squatting, lunging, lifting, carrying, throwing, swinging and swimming. There may be sub elements pushing, pulling, twisting, ect. , but mainly every movement you perform would be full body compound movements using the arms and legs through the core. Failure to perform any of these movements would have dramatic impact on your survival. Notice there are no swissballs or machines in the jungle. We know, it won’t happen to you, well think about a normal day to you and all of these movements in your world. We’ll bet that they are still used for regular day to day activities.